The Company

Rodi Hellas was founded in 2006 as a continuity of S. Kassidis AGRONETWORK and offers a complete line of special products- services to farmers and producers. The company comes up with solutions of alternative agriculture, always offering the support and advice to the farmer.

Our company settled down pomegranate farming for the first time in Greece in 2006 with 1.322 stremma in Greek domain, while until today we have settled down more than 11.500 stremma.

In collaboration with institutes abroad, we offer the “to know how” of farming to our clients with integrity and continuing research.

Farming is based on contract agriculture and it is part of a full management program, so as to  ensure the quality, qualification and availability of products to the Greek farmers and producers.

Our services go above the producers’ expectations. The specialized staff offers the best support to the Greek farmer and producer by offering:

  • Advice concerning the right and ideal use of our products.
  • Guidance concerning fertilizing, irrigating and crop protection.
  • Quality services and client support.
  • A moving crew which consists of agriculturists and specialized employees.
  • Pomegranate Seminars about farming, fertilizing, irrigating, pruning, anti- frosting and preparation of crop.

Since 2001 we entered factorial definition by creating a line of products based on pomegranate. All our products are created and produced with respect on the beneficial qualities of pomegranate. We treat the qualified pomegranates of our production with the less possible editing, so as to maintain the the beneficial qualities reach the tables of our consumers, offering the most important good of health.