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Pomegranate Juice

“Since 2011 we entered factory definity, creating a line of products based on pomegranate. On the top of this products is the 100% natural pomegranate juice by Pom Star. The juice is give to the consumers in a frozen form, without with out pasteurization. In this way it maintains all of its characteristics unspoiled, alongside with its marvelous taste”, states Mr Konstantinidis. One more reason why pasteurization wasn’t selected is the fact that it changes the juice’s flavor, leaving a metal aftertaste, which makes the juice more sour. It’s a big deal, after all, for the consumer to be able to have a product that after its gradually defrosting doesn’t differ in any way from the fresh juice that could be made at home, 364 days per year. It should be noted that the natural pomegranate juice offers vitamins that the human body needs in daily basis. 

Promegranate Marmelade

Pomegranate Marmelade 65% Fruit Vitamin C 92% GDA No preservatives Pigment & Flavoring

Pomegranate Sauce

The perfect sauce for salads, marinades, desserts, ice cream and yogurt 75% Fruit No Sugar No preservatives

Balsamic Cream with Pomegranate 200ml

Ideal for salads & marinades 30% Fruit No Sugar No Preservatives 

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